DART Blue injector
The DART Blue injector simply injects the resin into the impact and removes air from the resin by creating a vacuum in no time

The Duobond DART Blue injector removes air from star cracks in laminated windshields in no time at all.

The Duobond DART (Duobond Air Removal Tool) Blue injector has a high quality rubber seal with a larger opening.

Windshield repair in a jiffy

Duobond launches an innovative and powerful solution for even more efficient windshield repair. Duobond DART (Duobond Air Removal Tool) Blue injector is an instrument for removing air from damaged laminated glass, i.e. impacts in car and truck windows. With DART Blue, the original Duobond UV resin is easily injected into the impact to restore the bond between the glass and the PVB layer. It also effectively sucks air out of the impact by simply turning the plunger of DART Blue up after the resin injection and creating a high vacuum. The remaining air in the asterisk will then gradually move to the point of impact where it will be sucked up by DART Blue and the remaining space in the impact will be filled with the original Duobond UV resin. In order to achieve a quality repair.

DART Blue fits the existing Duobond Attack, Fixer, IQ-2 and IRIS repair bridges

DART Blue is very user-friendly thanks to the simple but powerful turning movement, the light material and the easy operability. DART Blue consists for the most part of anodized aluminum and, despite its strength, has a low weight. This makes it ideally suited for use on vertically placed glass such as the window of a truck or bus.

The DART Blue design contributes to clean repairs

The injection tube and turning mechanism can be completely disassembled and are therefore easy to clean. The anodized aluminum used is clean, wear-resistant and impermeable to resin and does not oxidize. With this Duobond guarantees a clean repair.
Diameter Ø ½” x 20 UNF
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MANUAL Windshield Repair
Handbuch Windschutzscheibereparatur
Manual Dart Blue repair