Duobond UV-Resin 5 ml
The original 5ml UV repair resin from Duobond for the highest repair quality for the long term. Through the use of material-like raw materials as glass the resin is environmentally friendly, odorless, safe to use for fitters and has the same refractive index as glass. This 5ml UV-resin is supplied in a UV-resistant bottle with a handy transparent dropper.

The original Duobond UV-resin needs to be injected into the damaged area and fills up the bullseye or star crack and restores the connection between the inner glass and PVB layer, the windshield repair is then ready to be sealed with a sealant called Duobond Impact-Filler (known as pit filler). This UV pit fill seals the point of impact on the windshield surface. Once both cured under UV-light in combination with UV curing sheets it can be polished for a smooth and transparent surface like glass.

Accepted safety

Duobond were the original pioneers of windshield repairs throughout Europe having been established since 1980. The introduction of windshield repairs required acceptances by the major insurance companies. This resulted in Duobond passing stringent tests with their original repair resins and equipment set out by safety institutes. The original  Duobond products & resins have been approved by institutes such as: BSi & MPA NRW. Even today, we produce and test in our own in-house laboratory to offer you the best and safest possible windshield repair. Our chemical laboratory keeps a cautious eye on each production badge for both, resin and impact filler. These are all tested before they are ready to be used on windshield repairs.

Broader assessment

The composition of the original Duobond resins is a mixture in which many factors and properties are balanced. Fundamentally the resin must adhere well to glass, however a claim that a resin adhesion to glass is the best, does not mean that this is the best resin. Suppose that the internal strength of this resin is small then a good adhesion to glass is of no significance. Under tension the resin then ruptures through the resin layer. In comparison, the best car is not necessarily the car that runs the hardest or accelerates the fastest. Also here, a broader assessment should take place. A quality repair warrants decolourisation and lasting strength to prevent further cracking. And a refractive index of the repair resin which has the same refractive index as glass. Due to a high amount of dry weight in the material and low amount of vaporizing materials, no shrinkage will occur and offers a more thermal stable product. A low vapor pressure prevents the composition also of any change in storage before it is even cured.

Compliant windshield repairs

Having consistent connections with glass and or PVB without forcing it with a pressure system to reach a temporary ‘connection’ meets your customers’ requirements and our standards. And by being immiscible with water we keep our customers repaired windshields up to date compliant with the relevant 43-R regulations and BS AU 251:1994 Category: A.
Content 5 ml
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