Information Scratch Removal

Removal of scratches on glass without distortion

Surface scratches on glass

With the unique Scratch Away® systems you can polish scratches from glass with great precision in any position.

Do you install windshields in vehicles? Then without a doubt you will have regularly new windshields which are scratched, preventing you from doing your job.

In 80 to 85% of cases these scratches can be removed. Most scratches are surface scratches or deposits of other material on the harder glass surface. You can remove these surface scratches quickly, cleanly and safely with Scratch Away®. The system repairs both convex and concave shaped glass.

Magnifier SAW360

How it works

Scratch Away® is a precision system that easily removes surface scratches from glass. The non centric rotation does not cause wear circles and the tiny layer of material on the glass is removed at once with the highest precision. This unique non centric rotation provides a crystal-clear result and no distortion.

Scratch Away® quickly and easily removes surface scratches from flat and slightly curved (convex or concave) glass surfaces. It works without serum, and almost without water which keeps it all clean also inside a vehicle. The specially developed head adjusts to the surface which needs to be treated. This method is unique due to its simplicity and consistent results.

Scratch Away® provides great advantages for numerous glass industries, e.g. car, truck and manufacturers and automotive glass services.saw360 scratch removal.

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Choosing Scratch Away

With its unique ability to work on mounted glass products, large direct and indirect cost savings become possible.

Without the need for disassembly, with Scratch Away damages completely disappear.

  • Repairs on the spot within minutes
  • No disassembly and reassembly which contributes positively to the environment
  • Avoiding secondary transport costs and minimizing loss of product
  • Improved service by reducing delays in end product deliveries
  • The Scratch Away® systems contains sufficient consumables for a large number of repairs and will pay for itself quickly