Rubber gel transparent 20ml
To position a windshield repair bridge on a damaged glass surface.
Gel for easy positioning of a windshield repair bridge on a windscreen for a complete seal on damaged/scratched glass. The gel is friendly to the rubber and prevents deterioration of the rubber.
Content 20 ml
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MSDS_FR_8407 - Gel de caoutchouc transparent
MSDS_EU_EN_8407 - Rubber Gel Transparent
MSDS_UK_EN_8407 - Rubber gel Transparent
MSDS_DE_8407 - Gummigel transparent
MSDS_NL_8407 - Rubber gel Transparant
MSDS_BE_FR_8407 - Gel de caoutchouc transparent'
MSDS_BE_NL_8407 - Rubber gel Transparant
MSDS_NO_DB 8407 - Rubber gel Transparent