Duobond Pulse windshield repair automat

Duobond Pulse is a highly automated and very user-friendly solution for perfect stone chip repairs in laminated glass. Pulse fits all Duobond repair bridges; Attack, Fixter, IQ-2 and IRIS. (not included)

Duobond Pulse

Is your new windshield repair colleague in the workshop.

Pulse is the first windshield repair automat from Duobond, with which the Dutch company is taking the next step in workshop automation. Duobond Pulse is a highly automated and very user-friendly solution for perfect stone chip repairs in laminated glass.

When repairing impacts in car and truck windows, the air in the glass must be replaced with UV resin. In order to replace the air with UV resin, pressure and vacuum must alternate during these activities in order to undo the entire fracture of air and fill it with UV resin. Because of this continuous change of pressure and vacuum, Pulse refers to your heart rate with upper and lower pressure. In contrast to manually operating a plunger in the injector to alternate pressure and vacuum, it is now Pulse's job to take over this work from the technician.

Semi and fully automatic working with Duobond Pulse

Duobond has been the specialist in windshield repair for over 40 years and knows very well that not 1 impact is the same. An important feature of Pulse is therefore the innovative and until now unique control and programming option of the machine. Without special programming knowledge, anyone can have the machine completing the 10-minute Pulse program in which pressure, vacuum and atmospheric pressure alternate. This gives the technician the freedom to perform other activities at the same time knowing there is a windshield repair specialist at work. Because not every impact is the same, you can also choose to only apply pressure or vacuum via the control panel to always achieve a perfect stone chip repair in laminated glass.

Stay on top with Pulse

Just like with a heartbeat, there are values where within work is being done optimally and without risks. With Duobond Pulse this is no different and we have incorporated all our experiences into the capabilities of this automat. This prevents cracks in the window or air-leaks as much as possible. Pulse is therefore equipped with software and several sensors that continuously measure the pressure and vacuum on the window and respond immediately when necessary. As soon as, for example, a vacuum or pressure loss arises, this is corrected by Pulse to the desired level. This makes it easy to achieve a perfect window repair in laminated glass.

A passion for the job

With Pulse, specific specialist knowledge and years of experience among mechanics becomes less of a priority compared to manual repairs. Pulse fits all Duobond repair bridges that have been around for years; Attack, Fixter, IQ-2 and IRIS. Pulse is therefore a valuable support for your new or possibly already existing Duobond windshield repair system.

Because Pulse contributes structurally to a continuous optimal result and requires less time from the mechanic, it than also promotes an active look-out for windshield repairs within your company. Because Pulse works on 12V, in addition to the transformer, you can also choose to work outside the company on location with the supplied 12V connection cable with cigarette lighter plug.

Duobond is proud to introduce this new system and as a glass specialist we have once again proven that …… Passion pulses here!

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