Scratch Away SAW360 Polishingsystem 120 Volt
Professional system for removing scratches on glass. The biggest advantage of working with Scratch Away® is that you can remove surface scratches on mounted glass in a clean way. This will prevent delay when delivering.

A surface scratch on a window which is almost ready for delivery?

With the Scratch Away® SAW360 you polish with high precision and no spatters. The SAW360 is equipped with two support legs that form a tripod together with the polishing head. This ensures a greater degree of stability for horizontal and vertical positioned glass. This stability is especially necessary when polishing convex and concave glass. The Scratch Away® SAW360 is always parallel to the window, preventing additional damage.

No pig tails

The polishing head of the SAW360 makes eccentric rotational movements that do not rub the polishing head over the window. As a result, unlike normal rotary machines, the chance of making ‘pig tails’ is minimal. These spiral breeds often occur when a normally rotating polishing head is not fully placed on the window and turns sideways over the glass surface. This exlcusive device is more compact and convenient, a very easy-to-use glass polisher.

Electric power

The Scratch Away® SAW360 works on electric power so you can take and use the system everywhere. Thanks to the ergonomic handle, your hand is always right above the eccentric shaft and requires minimal physical effort to polish. The new Scratch Away® SAW360 comes in a compact, sturdy case, including a magnifier to determine what kind of scratch is on the glass.

How does Scratch Away® work?

The unique Scratch Away® system polishes clean and with great precision surface scratches of glass. It takes a few minutes and a small effort to remove a scratch up to 6.5 centimetres. With the included magnifier you first check what kind of scratch you are dealing with. If it is a surface scratch, for example caused by contact with another glass or a material that is softer than glass like iron, you can immediately start with the Scratch Away® system. This allows you to restore both convex and concave glass. Because the Scratch Away® system does not remove material, it is also good to use on mirrors. Deep scratches can also be removed by adding 2 metal discs and 2 special Scratch Away® abrasives red and pink.


Only a small amount of rpm, a Scratch Away® polishing disc and a bit of sprayed water are required to build sufficient heat (about 65 °C) to polish glass. The polishing disc has a diameter of only 50mm. This small size and low amount of rotation makes it possible for you to work very efficiently. Also, the required pressure per cm² is perfectly achieved with this 50mm Scratch Away® polishing disc, both in horizontal and vertical position on the X- and Y-axis.

Removing windows is not necessary

The biggest advantage of working with Scratch Away® is that you can remove surface scratches on mounted glass in a clean way. This will prevent delays when delivering.

A surface scratch on a window almost ready for delivery? Use the Scratch Away® system while the window remains in the spade. When polishing, only a little foam (the polish) is released. This does not spill and is easy to remove with a damp cloth. All systems contain a full USB-stick including manuals and video's to get started removing scratches on glass.

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