• duobond paste medium
  • polishing SAW

Scratch Away Polishing paste Medium ‘Pink’

Item: 93100


Polishing paste Medium Pink for removing deep scratches out of glass part of 3 step procedure

Polishing paste Medium Pink for removing deep scratches out of glass combined with the the metal disk 93061 and 93110 paste red you can erase scratches which are in the glass.

Deep scratch removal in 3 steps

Step 1 With the metal disk and paste red 93110 grind away glass to reach the same depth as the scratch.

Step 2 Requires a clean metal disk and the paste pink 93100 to level the depth difference between the grinded and not grinded area of the glass in order to minimize distortion which makes it a lens.

Step 3 Requires the 93054 Scratch Away glass polishing disk to polish the overall surface clear again. Keep in mind that taking out deep scratches requires enough space to level out.

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Pasta Roze_SDS_(EU_BE-NL_1.0) application/pdf 107 KB
Pasta Roze_SDS_(EU_BE-FR_1.0) application/pdf 106 KB
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Dimensions 6 × 5 cm