• Scratch Away SAW360 polisher 230 Volt
  • Scratch Away SAW360 polisher 230 Volt
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  • SAW360 in hand with splash guard
  • SAW360 ScratchAway on glass

Scratch Away SAW360 polisher 110 Volt

Item: 390364


The Scratch Away SAW360 glass polishing machine is a compact powerhouse for every type of glass. Due to its low weight and compact, ergonomic design, the machine is very comfortable and effortless to handle both on horizontal and vertical glass.

Control and no spatters

With the Scratch Away SAW360 you polish with high precision and no spatters surface scratches of glass. There is only a low number of rpm, a Scratch Away polishing disc and a little water needed to build sufficient heat (about 65 ° C) to polish glass. The polishing disc has a diameter of only 50mm.

Stability also with curved glass

The SAW360 is equipped with two supported legs that together with the polishing head form a tripod. This ensures a greater degree of stability for horizontal and vertically positioned glass. This stability is especially necessary when polishing on convex and concave glass. The Scratch A Way SAW360 is always parallel to the window, preventing additional damage.


Weight 1.42 kg
Dimensions 16 × 7 × 16 cm