• IQ-2 positioner
  • Reparatiebrug IQ-2 POSITIONER

Duobond IQ-2 positioner blue

Item: 880302


The most recent Duobond windshield repair bridge used for laminated windshieldrepair on cars, trucks and buses.

The Duobond windshield repair bridge IQ-2 is designed to mount the injector,  filled with repair resin, at an impact point of a laminated windshield of cars, trucks and buses.


Stability is achieved by the 95mm rubber suction cup with a quick fastening system on the side. The stainless steel arm is rotatable so that the injector can be placed effortlessly and precisely above the point of impact. This ensures optimal visibility during repair for the mechanic.

Align automatically

By turning the injector to the window, the variable sputnik will automatically align the injector vertically above the point of impact. This construction limits the amount of pressure that can be applied to the window so that it does not break.

Title Type Size
MANUAL Windshield Repair application/pdf 1 MB
Handleiding ruit reparatie NL application/pdf 1 MB
Handbuch Windschutzscheibereparatur application/pdf 1 MB
Weight 0.470 kg
Dimensions 17 × 12 × 7.5 cm