Duobond Iris BB9 positioner

Iris is the most complete Duobond windshield repair bridge and offers UV curing LED lights, a sputnik for the injector and magnifier for quality inspection. It is battery powered by a 9v rechargeable battery.
Iris is the exclusive Duobond windshield repair bridge which offers injection, inspection and curing in one. It is powered by a standard rechargeable 9 volt battery. And offers great efficiency at the highest level for every windshield repair professional in combination with a great visibility during the repair due to the rotating platform.

Rotate to select

With Iris, users perform fewer operations in comparison to the traditional windshield repair bridges. You firmly attach the platform to a car or truck windshield using the 9.5-centimetre suction cup. This requires just a single action: a twist of the handle. Once attached to the windshield, you can rotate Iris to move aside the injector and select the magnifying glass so you can check for air in the resin and then to the UV LED lamp to cure the resin. Because the three tool-holders are replaceable, new functionalities can be added to the platform in the future.

Energy efficient

The build in Iris LED UV-lamp, runs on a standard rechargeable 9 volt battery and is wireless which makes windshield repair so much more easy as the possibility of damaging paint reduces a lot. It also gives the mechanic freedom to work in any situation. In the rotating setting it is always positioned correctly above the repair on the windshield with the correct distance in relation to the beam angle of the 7 LED’s.

Optimal curing

The wavelength and amount of UV-radiation needed by the Duobond UV-resin and Impact-filler has been the starting point of developing this UV LED-lamp. The requested low wavelength and optimal design of the power supply on the circuitboard prevents any heat production. Heat production has a negative influence on the refraction index and quality of the cured UV-resin in the end. Which makes the repair more noticeable and decreases the shear strength of the repair which increases the chance of tearing the glass as unwanted result. Also heat decreases the lifespan of a circuitboard itself. The built-in buzzer produces an audible warning when the LED UV-lamp is on. A signal sounds every ten seconds, and once the optimal curing time is due, the lamp switches off automatically and gives an audible signal repeatingly that it is ready. This limits the required amount energy usage and loss of time for the mechanic as he/she is being notified on every step. A standard 9V, 300NiMH battery can do up to 60 curings. Once the 9v battery has reached 6v the lamp stops working and can be recharged via the Duobond USB-charger. The USB charger runs on standard 5v USB outputs and can charge starting from 5,2v back to 9v.


Iris is equipped with a unique system that limits physical pressure on the crack. This prevents the glass from tearing during the repair and also ensures that the Duobond UV resin, while not compressed, can fill the crack easily. Including Duobond IQ-r USB battery charger
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