Duobond mobile window repair station with foam interior

Item: 450040


Put together your own professional windshield repair station with the Duobond car window repair products that you already have, in a solid roller case complete with interior

The perfect mobile windshield repair station for every workshop

Duobond’s mobile windshield repair station is designed to make ease of use and efficiency centrally available in the workshop. In this solid roller case, complete with interior, you can organize everything you need from Duobond in 1 place to be able to work clearly on location. With the extendable handle and robust wheels, you can easily drive this tool trolley to your workplace. The 2 side handles and automatic handles on the extendable parts ensure that everything is within reach.

The extra storage spaces offer the possibility to give your specific tools and systems a permanent place.

Everything at hand, without having to leave your workplace a few times.

Title Type Size
MANUAL Windshield Repair application/pdf 1 MB
Handleiding ruit reparatie NL application/pdf 1 MB
Handbuch Windschutzscheibereparatur application/pdf 1 MB
Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 55 × 41 × 73 cm