Duobond IQ-r 6-24V LED UV-lamp

Duobond IQ-r 6-24 Volt LED UV-lamp to cure Duobond UV resin & Impact-Filler

The smart UV curing lamp for Duobond UV resin Impact-Filler

This UV LED lamp, is an alternative to the traditional UV tube light. It can adapt to most common powersuplies and so operates between 6V and 24V. So switching between powersockets which offer 12V or 24V is not a problem anymore with this IQ-r LED UV lamp. With the tripod setting combined with the suctioncaps it is always fixed on the windshield with the correct distance in relation to the beam angle of the 7 LED's.

Optimal curing

The wavelenght and amount of UV-radiation needed by the Duobond UV-resin and Impact-filler has been the starting point of developing this UV-lamp. The requested low wavelength and optimal design of the power suply on the circuitboard prevents any heat production. Heat production has a negative influence on the refraction index and quality of the cured UV-resin in the end. Which makes the repair more noticable and decreases the shear strength of the repair which increases the chance of tearing the glass as unwanted result. Also heat decreases the lifespan of a circuitboard itself. The built-in buzzer produces an audible warning when the UV LED lamp is on. A signal sounds every ten seconds, and once the optimal curing time is due, the lamp switches off automatically. Which limits the required amount of used energy everytime when it is being used. This LED UV-lamp is delivered with a adapter cable so it can start working for you between 6 Volt and 24 Volt.
Voltage 6-24V
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MANUAL Windshield Repair
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