Duobond Air Removal Tool DART

Item: 402100


DART removes air from damaged laminated windshields effectively and fits the Duobond repair bridges Attack, Fixer, IQ-2 and IRIS.

Duobond has launched an innovative and practical solution for even more efficient windshield repair.
The Duobond Air Removal Tool (DART) removes air from damaged laminated glass, such as star cracks in car and truck windshields.

Window repair in an instant

With the unique Duobond Air Removal Tool (DART), the original Duobond UV resin is easily injected into the star crack to restore the connection between glass and the PVB layer. It is also very effectively in sucking air out of the star crack by pulling the plunger from DART backwards after the injection of resin. The remaining air in the star crack will then gradually move to the point of impact where it is sucked up by DART and the remaining space in the crack is filled up with the original Duobond UV resin. So, windshield repair in an instant

Less time and better results

DART is particularly user-friendly thanks to the bayonet catch, the lightweight material and the straightforward operability of its design. The tool is largely constructed with high quality lightweight plastic. This makes it ideal to use on vertically-orientated windshields, such as van, truck and bus windshields.

DART design guarantees a clean repair

The injection cilinder and piston can be completely disassembled and are easy to clean. The used material is impenetrable by resin and doesn’t oxidize, so it’s design guarantees a clean repair. Also the high quality material ensures that when DART is subject to low temperatures, such as when DART has been left in a cold van overnight, the viscosity of the UV-resin is barely affected and there is no need to wait to do another job .

Title Type Size
Instruction manual DART application/pdf 5 MB
Handleiding DART application/pdf 5 MB
Gebrauchsanweisung DART application/pdf 5 MB
MANUAL Windshield Repair application/pdf 1 MB
Handleiding ruit reparatie NL application/pdf 1 MB
Handbuch Windschutzscheibereparatur application/pdf 1 MB
Weight 0.048 kg
Dimensions 7.8 × 3.3 cm

Ø ½” x 20 UNF