Resinator 12V impact heater with vibrating function
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With the Resinator you increase your capacity to make a complex and difficult windscreen repair into a good quality result repair without making any concessions.

For complex and difficult windshield repairs without concessions

The Resinator 12V impact heater with vibrating function is specially designed to help when a complex and difficult to repair impact, needs just that little extra help. The Resonator offers you an extra and controlled support to achieve a high-quality result when working on complex and difficult windshield repairs.

Hot in 60 Seconds

The pad on the front of the Resinator heats up in less than 60 seconds to achieve a precise localized temperature increasement in the impact. This increases the opportunity for the UV resin to penetrate the impact without the risk of overheating.

Vibrate to remove air

Simply place the pad on the inside of the glass at the level of the impact and allow it to heat gently to allow the resin to flow into the impact. If air is still trapped in the ends of the impact, this can then be resonated out of the impact with the separate vibration function of the Resinator. Keep repeating this until the air is gone and complete the next steps of the windshield repair until a good quality result is achieved.