RL-eez Starter kit Truck and Bus

The only 12 Volt windshield cutting tool with wireless control which allows a mechanic to focus fully while cutting, without any distraction.

Controlled windscreen removal without damage.

The exclusive Duobond® system called RL-eez makes it possible to cut out windscreens from vehicles in a controlled manner. It puts an end to the physical overload of mechanics and reduces the risk of paint damage significantly.

Encrypted safety

The RL-eez windshield cutting system is being controlled with a handheld transmitter.It sends an encrypted signal back and forth to the system to ensure a safe usage. With a rang over 25 meter between system and sender every meganic has plenty of space to do any replacement with a full focus on the job.


Working with RL-eez is simple and requires a minimal physical effort. It gives meganics the peace, time and opportunity to ensure that cutting through the kit is done carefully. After removing the windscreen the meganic still has sufficient accuracy left in order to place a new windscreen and -if necessary- to calibrate the sensors in a precise manner. To be used for cutting out glued windshields with the use of a nylon wire.