Information Windshield Removal

Duobond RL-eez keeps paintwork and interior intact

The exclusive system of Duobond® called RL-eez, makes it possible to cut out windscreens from vehicles in a controlled manner. It puts an end to the physical overload of mechanics and reduces the risk of paint damage significantly.

RL-eez ensures that damage to the headlining, upholstery and dashboards belong to the past.

Windshield Removal with low physical stress

Working with RL-eez is simple and requires a minimal physical effort. It gives engineers the peace, time and opportunity to ensure that cutting through the kit is done carefully. After removing the windshield they have sufficient accuracy in order to place a new windshield and -if necessary- to calibrate the sensors in a precise manner.

RL-eez cuts through the kit with a nylon thread. The 12 Volt system can be powered by a 12 Volt socket or external 12 Volt battery. It’s controlled wireless via a secured signal with a remote control.

Also remove windows from bus and truck

With RL-eez from Duobond it is now also possible to cut the curved windows of a bus or truck in a controlled manner. It takes one person a few minutes to cut the windshield of a truck or bus.

How it works

Mount RL-eez on the windshield which needs to be disassembled. Press the pump repeatedly until the red line on the pump is no longer visible. Always test if the correct suction is reached before you start working with it.

Connect RL-eez to an available 12 Volt power supply with a reasonable capacity of amps. The motor reels in the nylon thread which is attached on the windshield with a swiveling suction cup. So the angle between the nylon thread and the glass is always correct. This set-up ensures that the person operating the system can sit in the car in a comfortable position to guide the wire and can focus fully on cutting the kit.

Calibrate sensors

Nowadays modern vehicles are equipped with sensors. After mounting a new windshield , the sensors need to be re-calibrated. This requires a high degree of accuracy and attention. It is difficult to carry out accurate calibrations after heavy physical loads.

With Duobond® RL-eez a single person is able to remove the windshield, place a new windshield and calibrate the vehicle with minimal physical effort.

Release with real ease....take RL-eez