Information Windshield Repair

Windshield replacement no longer required

Due to the environmentally friendly Duobond original resin system, replacement of windshields is no longer required.

On yearly basis lots of money is spent on replacing windshields containing damage created by rocks and pebbles on the road.

Windshield repair made easy

With Duobond products it easy to repair damaged windshields yourself. This is made possible because Duobond offers a rich catalog of professional, often specially developed, systems and tools.

Windshield repair lowers costs

Replacing windshields is always more expensive than repairing. After a windshield is repaired with Duobond original resin, it has equal safety and sturdiness as a brand new windshield.


Windshield repair done right

Repairing a chip caused by the impact of a pebble is not very complicated, although it must be done the right way. Duobond offers an extensive after sales program with quality services. Every product comes with extensive instructions and even on-site training is offered with the purchase of a windshield repair system.

Windshield repair in minutes

First it is determined if the damage to windshield is repairable. When so the repair can be executed. The chip in the windshield will be filled with Duobond original resin with the help of one of our Duobond original repair bridges.

UV light is used to cure the resin and completes the process after only a few minutes. The UV lamp will switch off automatically once the resin has cured completely. During curing you could already start preparing another vehicle.

Worldwide fleet owners, garage owners, car dealers, manufacturers, repair shops, technicians and insurance companies are convinced of Duobond original windshield repair systems.

Good reasons to choose Duobond products

  • Innovative solutions
  • Reliability
  • Professional training
  • Products approved by major institutes
  • Manuals with clear step-by-step instructions
  • Excellent customer support