Privacy policy

When you place an order with us, we need personal information from you to make sure that we can deliver the order. We use your personal data with the greatest care possible. We take good care of them and we keep it in a safe place. What we do with your personal data and why we need it, we like to explain here. When you have after reading this privacy policy any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

This privacy policy is subdue to modifications when any developments require those. We recommend you to inform yourself on a regular basis. In this way you are always properly informed of the latest modifications, which most current date of change you can always find here.

The last modification to this privacy policy was on 24th of May 2018.

Who is responsible for processing your personal data?

Duobond b.v. is seated at the Laarakkerweg 10, 5061 JR in Oisterwijk, Netherlands, is responsible for processing the data as described in this privacy policy.

When is this privacy policy applicable?

This privacy policy is applicable on all the personal data that Duobond b.v. processes of anyone that had at least contact once through this website, like visitors, customers and business contacts.

What is personal data?

Personal data is all data that can be reproduced to you as an individual. This relates to name, phone number, address or email address. But also data like your IP-address or Duobond customernumber are considered as personal data. Other data that is unique to you is your ordering history or surfing behavior on this website.

Of whom do we process personal data and how do we receive this data?

We process personal data of everyone that directly or indirectly has or had contact with Duobond b.v., like business contacts, customers and contacts of business partners.

We receive this data directly from you by this website, when you visit our website, make an account or type in certain data when you contact us by use of the contact form.

Which data do we process from you, what for do we need it and how long do we keep it?

Data for processing your order

When you order with us, we need certain details from you to be able to deliver your order and to keep you informed on your order. Also for returns or repairs we need these details.

For this purpose we collect your name, email address, delivery address(es), payment information and your telephone number. We save this in your record with the addition of a customer number that is connected to your account.

This data is neccessary to keep up with the sales agreement that you made with us. According to the law we have to keep the data related to your order for a period of 7 years.

Data in your personal account

In your personal account we keep the following data: your name, (delivery- and company-) address(es), telephone number, email address and payment information.

In your account we also keep your order history including the chosen delivery options.

We keep the information in your account as long as you are active as a customer with us. When you haven’t logged in, in your personal account for 7 years, we remove all your data. Besides you can request at any moment to have your personal data removed. You can file this request in writing at our customer service.

With whom do we share your data?

Third parties

Duobond b.v. doesn’t share with any other party your personal data other than those necessary to fulfill successful order process and delivery. Personal data is never shared or sold to any random party.

Logistical partners

We work together with different logistical partners. Our logistical partners receive from us your name and delivery address. They need this information to deliver your order at your given address.


In some cases we have to hand over personal data to the authorities, like for example the tax authorities. In special cases data can be demanded by the police or justice in case of fraud or abuse. Finally certain official observers could get access to personal data in case of investigation.

Where do we keep your data?

We save your data within the European Economical Space („EES“). It could be that certain data we collect will be passed through or filed at a destination outside the EES, for example because one of our external logistical partners is seated there. When this is the case, we will make sure that legally it is done in a safe and lawful manner.

How do we keep your data safe?

Duobond b.v. has taken precautions to secure your personal data. By strict access security measurements we make sure that your personal data is only accessible for employees for whom it is necessary to work with this data.

What legal rights to you have regarding your data?

Right on information

You have the right to a understandable and transparent explanation on how we deal with your personal data and what rights you have to influence. In this privacy policy with have explained extensively what data we collect from you and how we process and save it.

Recht on insight

You have the right to demand from us at any time insight on the data that we have available from you. You can file a request in writing at our customer service. We process requests usually within 30 days.

Right on correction

You have the right to have your personal data to be corrected in case its incorrect or outdated and/or to have them supplemented if they are incomplete.

Recht to object

You have the right to object against the processing of your data in case you disagree with the way we process your data. This right applies to data we use for direct marketing. You can ask us in writing not to use your data any longer for personalized recommendations on our website. This right also applies to other data that we have from you on basis of justified interest. We process requests usually within 30 days.

Right on data portability

You have the right to receive the data you have given to us in relation to agreement(s) that you made with us in a machine readable format. This relates to your name and address information as well as order history. We offer you, after a request in writing, the opportunity to download this data in a machine readable format.

Right on reduction of processing

You have the right to request a reduction of processing of your data. This means that we may keep your data (save), but are not allowed to use it. This right applies in a number of cases. When you think it applies to you then please contact our customer service.

Right to be forgotten/account removal

You have the right to request for removal of all data that we have on you. When you file a request to have your account removed, we shall delete all the data that could relate to you as an individual. This doesn’t include data we need to keep on basis of legislation. You can request a removal in writing at our customer service.

Right to file a complaint

You have the right to file a complaint on the way we process and handle your data. When you have a complaint, we would love to solve it with you directly. Please contact in that case our customer service. Finally you have the right to take your complaint to the „Autoriteit Persoonsgegevens“ in the Netherlands.


In case you have any questions about the way Duobond b.v. is handling personal data, please contact our customer service. We love to help you.

DISCLAIMER: In case of dispute based on translation, the Dutch version of this text applies.