About Duobond


about Duobond

At Duobond we are developing and producing windshield repair and replacement systems and offer technical assistance to the mobility market.

Since our start more than 30 years ago, at Duobond we had one focus in mind. With our highly qualified staff we developed on our main strategy goal, being simplicity.

All the products and tools in our catalog deliver everything that makes windshield repair and replacement simple, logical and easy to understand and execute.

Demands of the market

At Duobond we listen to the demands of the mobility market. By attending at exhibitions and visiting customers we collect a lot of information. That gives us possibilities to develop products that are optimized to the demands of our clients.

We also cooperate with windshield specialists all over the world. At Duobond simplicity relates to working with our products and tools. And our customers like our catalog. But we are not there yet. Everyday we give our best at Duobond to develop and improve our catalog. That is why feedback from the market is our main source of product information.

Making a difference since 1980

Duobond is the windshield repair pioneer in Europe since 1980.  Once the Duobond repair method was developed and improved, institutes such as: MPA NRW on 43-R regulations and BSI on BS AU 251:1994 Category: A have adopted it. Duobond had set the bar.

The Duobond windshield repair method proved that windshields not always had to be replaced when damaged. This leads to significant cost savings on windshield repair for both insurance companies as car owners.

Duobond, the experts choice

In our own laboratory and we research, develop and produce adhesives for our products and tools. All with the aim to offer the best and safest possible windshield repair to our customers.

Our quality insurance keeps track on each production batch of UV-resin, impact filler, prep-clean and polish.

All our products are intensively tested before they are ready to be used on the market.

Duobond would like to thank our customers, for making our products the experts choice.