Duobond windshield repair system Iris BB9 including Pulse automat

Complete windshield repair system with the repair bridge Iris BB9, Pulse and DART supplied in solid dust-repellent senior suitcases. Duobond Pulse is a highly automated and very user-friendly solution for perfect stone chip repairs in laminated glass.

Repairing a star crack in a windshield does not have to be complicated if it is done with the right tools. As a manufacturer, Duobond has decades of experience and offers you the possibility with this windshield repair set to offer windshield repairs as a service to drivers of cars, trucks and buses.


If a clear choice has been made to carry out windshield repairs! And there is a need to do this with a professional system! Then the windshield repair system IQ-2 is the right choice to enjoy for many years. The advantage is that everything is immediately available. And the comprehensive system is ready-to-use, clear and clean in a dust-repellent suitcase.


This windshield repair system IQ-2 has standard enough original Duobond UV resin and Impact-Filler to perform about 60 repairs. With the included rechargeable wireless 9v IQ-r UV lamp, a repair can be cured easily and everywhere. The also included 12V drill is a handy and practical tool for drilling out a star crack and for polishing the repaired surface to achieve a crystal clear result.

Duobond Pulse

Pulse is the first windshield repair automat from Duobond, with which the Dutch company is taking the next step in workshop automation. Duobond Pulse is a highly automated and very user-friendly solution for perfect stone chip repairs in laminated glass. An important feature of Pulse is the innovative and until now unique control and programming option of the machine. Without special programming knowledge, anyone can have the machine completing the 10-minute Pulse program in which pressure, vacuum and atmospheric pressure alternate. This gives the technician the freedom to perform other activities at the same time knowing there is a windshield repair specialist at work. Because not every impact is the same, you can also choose to only apply pressure or vacuum via the control panel to always achieve a perfect stone chip repair in laminated glass.

Duobond Air Removal Tool DART

With the unique Duobond Air Removal Tool (DART), the original Duobond UV resin is easily injected into the star crack to restore the connection between glass and the PVB layer. It is also very effectively in sucking air out of the star crack by pulling the plunger from DART backwards after the injection of resin. The remaining air in the star crack will then gradually move to the point of impact where it is sucked up by DART and the remaining space in the fracture is filled up with the original Duobond UV resin. In order for you to achieve a qualitative repair where replacement of a laminated windshield is not necessary. And both the wallet and the environment are being spared.
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